Your service provider for IT and automation.

We are a service provider for customised hardware and software developments. We accompany the development from the feasibility study to the prototype for series production.
As a “PROFINET Competence Center” that also develops the software for certification, we are proven “Industrial Ethernet” specialists.

aia automations Institut is an independent medium-sized enterprise. As an affiliated institute (An-insitut) of the East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences on the Amberg campus, we carry out development work for companies in close cooperation with the university. We regularly consult with the university but remain completely independent and autonomous as a company

The research projects are carried out at the university and are usually publicly funded and also serve the further qualification of the employees. In contrast, we also handle commercial research and development projects for companies of all sizes.

Your Profinet Competence Center

As PROFINET experts who are instrumental in developing the test system for certification, we offer you the integration of the leading Industrial Ethernet standard into your device.

aia automations institut is a PROFINET Competence Center that offers a wide range of services for both manufacturers and end users. aia operates an extensive test bench with a large number of manufacturer-independent devices. The Competence Center contributes to the software development of the automated PROFINET test system used for certification testing.

Our services range from consulting manufacturers and end users through to the implementation of PROFINET IO in their field devices. We offer tailor-made solutions from software development through to the development of functional prototypes. Regular workshops with a focus upon certification and testing complement our service portfolio.