Contactless Power Transfer and data transmission

Inductive and customer-specific adaptation for your success.

We develop special solutions for contactless energy and data transmission, primarily for use in industry. The focus is upon the design of customer-specific couplers and the joint transmission of energy and data.

aia offers consulting and development services. At the same time, we can prepare feasibility studies or realise demonstration, functional and development samples specifically tailored to your requirements.

The implementation of such systems requires the precise design of all components, starting with the selection of suitable ferromagnetic materials and transmission coils through to the determination of optimal working frequencies. The aim is to optimally guide the magnetic field in order to minimise leakage fluxes, achieve a high degree of efficiency and keep EMC emissions to a minimum.

Thanks to aia’s cooperation in research projects relating to contactless energy and data transmission, our expertise provides a broad basis for the development and optimisation of such systems.

Many years of experience in field simulations enable us to precisely design and verify transmission elements and systems. Possible problems can often be identified and avoided in advance.